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About Him

Country of Origin: South Africa
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 184cm (6' 0.4")
Body Type: Athletic
Looks: Attractive
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Home Language: English
Other Languages: Ask me later
Religion: Other
Marital Status: Never Married
Relationship Types: Activity partners; Friends; Open to possibilities; Short-term; Long-term; Marriage
Have Children: No
Want Children: Ask me later
Daily Diet: Eat healthily
Smoking Habits: Non-Smoker
Drinking Habits: Occasional Drinker
Education: Bachelors degree
Occupation: Artistic / Musical / Writer
Income: Comfortable

His Narratives

Why should you get to know treb8?

Please don't get to know me. Seriously. I'm not your type. I'm too good for you. Funny. Handsome. Some pennies in my pocket. Confident. Easy going AND emotionally stable. I'd just make you frustrated. The truth is I have so much going for me that I would probably end up intimidating you, to the point that you'd retreat into your 4 year old self, hiding behind your mommy's legs, only to peek out every now and then to make sure I'm not a dream. But I am. Every night before you drift off into a magical world of rainbows and ponies, I'm standing there in shining, white armor ready to sweep you off your feet. To take you to a place in far far wherever-land. But the place doesn't matter. It's who you're with that counts..

I don't tolerate fools. Or idiots. Or people who hang out here to get their ego stroked, lapping up each sop who messages them telling them how beautiful they are only to respond with no intention of ever taking those courageous steps to get know them better. I will not tell you how beautiful you are. Yet. You already know that. Beauty is common. I've sampled those delights. Look around, everyone's beautiful. I'm looking for someone with substance. My standards have risen to a point where I've lost patience with mediocrity. Call me cynical? That's just a jaded perspective. Don't be ignorant. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Please don't mistake this for arrogance. I'm simply aware. I know that probably sounds arrogant. Dammit.

Honestly, I'm just as clueless as the rest of you clicking away at profile after profile, hoping to find a spark as you stare down a 100 different pictures of people trying to look their best. There's the guy with the great abs. Hey, he dresses nicely. Okay, that guy is DEFINITELY too old for me. I don't have a best. I'm throwing caution to the wind. I'm asking for a chance. I'm asking for an adventure. I'm asking for a beginning that may or may not have an end. And I'm asking for someone with enough guts to join me to find out.

Just do it.

P.S. I'm a dog person.

He describes his ideal match thus:

I'm looking for someone keen on the possibility for something real.

Truth: I don't have an ideal match. I wish I did, it would make this all much easier. I only know that when I meet someone face to face and we chat and laugh having a good conversation, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. And I like that feeling. When there's a spark of chemistry, I don't ignore it.

What triggers that spark, I don't have a clue. That's why I'm here. To meet people I would otherwise NEVER, EVER meet in any other circumstance.

At the end of the day you make your own destiny, whether you're aware of it or not. That's what we're all trying to do here.

Best of luck to you all.

- B.


About His Ideal Match

Country of Origin: Anywhere in the World
Location: (Decidedly important) Johannesburg (Gauteng, South Africa)
Gender: Female
Age Range: (Moderately important) 18 - 35
Star Sign: Any
Height: (Moderately important) 148cm (4' 10.3") - 198cm (6' 6.0")
Body Type: (Decidedly important) Slim; Average; Athletic; Curvaceous
Looks: (Slightly important) Beauty contest winner; Very Attractive; Above Average; Average; Attractive
Hair Colour: Any
Eye Colour: Any
Has Photo: Not important at all
Ethnicity: (Moderately important) Asian; Black/African; Coloured; Indian; Latino/Hispanic; Middle Eastern; White/Caucasian; Other; Mixed
Home Language: Any
Other Languages: Any
Religion: (Moderately important) Agnostic; Atheist; Buddhist / Taoist; Christian / Catholic; Christian / Protestant; Christian / Other; Hindu; Jewish; Spiritual, but not religious; Other; Christian / Orthodox
Marital Status: (Decidedly important) Never Married; Separated; Divorced; Widowed
Have Children: (Decidedly important) No
Want Children: Any
Daily Diet: Any
Smoking Habits: Any
Drinking Habits: Any
Education: (Moderately important) Current University / College Student; Some University / College; Technical Diploma; Associates degree; Bachelors degree; Postgraduate degree; PhD / Post Doctoral
Occupation: (Moderately important) Administrative / Secretarial; Artistic / Musical / Writer; Executive / Management; Finance; Food Services; Labour / Construction; Legal; Medical / Dental; Government; Sales and Marketing; Self-employed; Student; Teacher / Professor; Technical / Science / Engineering; Transportation; Agriculture
Income: (Moderately important) Enough; Comfortable; Wealthy; Fat cat

More About Him

More Physical Characteristics
Fashion Sense: Contemporary (I'm cool, but I don't need labels)
Disabilities: I have none
Hair Style: It has its moods
Body Art: I don't have any
Personality Traits
Sense of Humour: Witty
Ruled by: The heart
Party Behaviour: A social butterfly
Personality Traits: Daring; Funny; Intelligent; Optimistic; Outgoing; Outrageous; Sarcastic; Silly
Valued Qualities: Chemistry; Honesty; Hope; Humour; Sexiness; Tolerance
Leisure & Entertainment
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Clothing: A wicked satin teddy
Music Preferences: Alternative; Classical; Dance / Disco; Electronic Dance Music; Heavy Metal; Instrumental; Opera; Rap / Hip Hop; Rock; World
Books: Fiction; Non-fiction; Sci-Fi
Movie Preferences: Action; Adult; Art Films; Comedy; Cult Classics; Documentary; Drama; Horror; Independent; Mystery; Romance; Sci-Fi; War; Westerns
More Lifestyle
Pace of Life: Manageable
Time at Work: I work part-time
Cooking: I can't or won't cook
Dining Out: I eat out a few times a week
Sport Involvement: Bored to death
Animals: I like them Well Done
Family Size: I've got sisters
Family Closeness: We're very close
Current Relationship: I'm single
Reading: I love it
Likes & Dislikes
Turn-ons: Assertiveness; Body piercing(s); Dancing; Erotica; Flirting; Intelligence; Showing affection in public; Skinny dipping; Tattoo(s); Thrill seeking
The Deep Stuff
Dream Home: Other
Religious Attendance: Rarely
Retirement Plans: Exploring the 7 Wonders of the World
Politics: Liberal
Honesty: Very

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