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Company Overview

DatingBuzz is a customer centric company focussed on developing and operating state-of-the-art Internet personals and dating infrastructure. Our technology powers some of the most feature rich, easy to use dating sites on the Web and is constantly being refined and enhanced to keep pace with user needs and technology innovation.

Complete Privacy

We take our user's privacy and security very seriously. Members' private details are securely held and never exposed, please see our privacy policy for more details.


The DatingBuzz network is based on an extremely sophisticated technology platform that has been developed and refined by us over the last 12 years. Our innovative technology makes it the ideal platform for developing new Internet dating sites. Some of the highlights include:


The DatingBuzz technology is designed to support "white label" re-branding. This means that our partners promote and grow their own brands, with the site look and feel specific to their brands.

Multiple Languages

Sites can be produced in virtually any language, including multiple languages within a single site where required.


Our sophisticated design supports creating sites to cater to specific interest groups, these include:

  • Geographic Regions - country, state or city specific
  • Specific cultural groups
  • Religious groups
  • Life Styles - e.g. gay and lesbian

Customisable Content

Member profile content can be customised for the site target user group. This may include the addition of profiling categories and questions specific to the target user group or the omission of profile content that is not applicable.

Intelligent Database Partitioning

The DatingBuzz system incorporates sophisticated member database partitioning. Members' profiles may appear across the complete network of sites or alternatively be restricted to a specific site or sites.

Advanced Administration Functionality

The administration system provides complete management of site member accounts as well as detailed reporting on site activity and performance.

Payment Processing

Member subscriptions are processed via an intelligent, secure payment gateway. The payment gateway supports multi-currency transactions, automatic renewal facilities and advanced fraud detection.

Turnkey Operation

DatingBuzz provides a complete turnkey service to our partners. We take care of the site operation and administration leaving you free to focus on building your brand and membership base.

Sound Financial Model

The DatingBuzz financial model is based on financial practices that make sense and work. Best of all, setting up a site using our technology does not require large investments by our partners.

Making DatingBuzz Work For You

If you are interested in establishing your own service or looking to upgrade your existing Internet dating offering please contact us today and one of our international client service managers will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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